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The Thursday Artists Art Exhibit & Sale – May 13 – 15, 2016

RAIN or shine … Just a reminder to come out to the Thursday Artists art show & sale this Saturday (May 13) & Sunday (May 15).

Rosemary Broos
Lynn Clark
Jackie Gallagher
Eveline Marron
Jane Shaw

White Studio
Visual Arts Mississauga (at Riverwood)
4170 Riverwood Park Lane, Mississauga, ON L5C 2S7
(Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. & Credit Woodlands)

Visual Arts Mississauga

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New Pen & Ink – A Winter’s Walk in NYC Central Park

Pen & Ink

A Winter's Walk in NYC Central Park
A Winter’s Walk in NYC Central Park ©, Gifted

The source of this artwork is from a photograph taken by my daughter Kaitlin while visiting New York City’s Central Park …  a photo that both of us liked!  Kaitlin asked that it be done in pen & ink w/ watercolour (coat only) which shows her walking through the park.  This original has been gifted to her.   View the original under Gallery – Pen & Ink.


A limited edition of unframed Giclee prints – 11″ x 15″ and 8″ x 11″ – are available.  View under Gallery – Prints.


The Riverwood Conservancy – An evening with Robert Bateman

On Friday November 6, 2015 I enjoyed an evening at the Waterside Inn & Conference Centre, Mississauga listening to Robert Bateman speak about his life as an artist, teacher, traveler and naturalist. His new book titled Life Sketches is a memoir about his childhood, his formation as an artist, his teaching, his travels throughout Canada and around the world, and his lifelong fascination with nature and wildlife.  Robert Bateman is now a Founding Patron of the Riverwood Conservancy.

You can also listen to an interview with Robert Bateman by Mark Wigmore on Jazz FM 91.1.

In regards to art, Robert Bateman said you can take art classes but if you want to do art then just [get out there] and Do Art.  Last September 2014, I had the opportunity to visit The Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, BC.  If you’re in Victoria, BC make sure you visit the Centre!


Robert Bateman - Life Sketches
Robert Bateman – Life Sketches
Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman presented by The Riverwood Conservancy at the Waterside Inn & Conference Centre, Mississauga ON
Robert Bateman
Speaking about “Life Sketches” at Waterside Inn & Conference Centre, Mississauga ON
Robert Bateman
Signing my copy of Robert Bateman memoir titled “Life Sketches”
Signing Robert Bateman Collection Mug - Lively Pair Chickadees
Signing Robert Bateman Collection Mug – Lively Pair Chickadees (1 of 4 in a series)

2015 Artwork


Common Milkweed (Asclepias Syriaca),
Common Milkweed (Asclepias Syriaca) ©

I planned initially to paint a milkweed from a picture a person sent me (after 2014 Lakeshore Art Trail).  In seeking out a reference, I picked this milkweed pod in the ravine that I walk through most days.  The more I looked at the milkweed the more I liked its composition. I painted it in watercolour w/ pen & ink  solely from observation.   It’s been selected for the Botanical Artists of Canada (BAC) – 2015 Exhibition (Oct. 28th to Nov. 8th).  View it under Watercolour and see Events for BAC 2015 Exhibition.


"Fond Memories" – Canna Lilies
“Fond Memories” – Canna Lilies ©

This artwork is based on photos taken of the side of my brother Denis’ barn with his canna lilies in the foreground.  It is done in graphite with watercolour added to a few cannas.  I had considered leaving the original piece as a graphite.   View it under Graphite



Fond Memories – Canna Lilies
“Fond Memories” – Canna Lilies © – Giclee Print


However, I did capture the graphite drawing for Giclee prints 1) Black & White only or 2) Enhanced with watercolour (as the original artwork).  View it under Prints




You can see both artworks and others at the upcoming 16th Annual Lakeshore Art Trail this weekend – October 17th & 18th at Location 6. See Events

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

On our trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas in  April 2015 (to visit our daughter) we had the chance to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in nearby Bentonville, Arkansas.

We were fortunate to view the exhibition –  Van Gogh to Rothko: Masterworks from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

The museum’s interesting architect, natural landscape with 3 miles (~4.8 kms) of trails make it a most-see tourist attraction for anyone visiting Northwest Arkansas.  We will definitely make a point to explore the museum further on our next trip to the area.

Crystal Bridges Museum
Distinct Architecture
On the trail
On the trail
Viewing the museum from the trail
Viewing the museum from the trail
Along the trail
Along the trail

New for 2014

Home Portraits

Lara's Homestead
Lara’s Homestead ©, Commissioned

A colleague requested this pen & ink drawing of her family’s home as a keepsake.  In the new year, the house will be demolished to make way for a new home.  View it under Gallery – Home Portraits.

Pen & Ink

Hosta Flower
Hosta Flower,© Not for Sale

This piece was a wedding gift to my brother & sister-in-law.  The hosta was taken from my brother’s garden.  The mediums used are watercolour (leaves), pen & ink and colour pencil (flower).  View it under Gallery – Pen & Ink.


Departure ©, Sold

“Departure” as the title suggests indicates a move away from the floral & botanical drawings that I usually do.   It is a drawing that I started many years ago but only finished recently.  View it under Gallery – Graphite.