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FENIX Art Exhibition, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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On our way from the Fayetteville market on Saturday, April 8th, we happened upon the opening reception of a 3-week art exhibition by Fenix Fayetteville (an artist and artisan collective in Northwest Arkansas) in conjunction with Experience Fayetteville.  The art exhibition was the first event to be held in the Walker-Stone House*.  The works of 29 artists on display included paintings and drawings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, installations and mixed-media.

I was intrigued by the silverpoint and watercolour pieces by Karla Walden Caraway.  Silverpoint drawing is a technique I would like to learn more about.

Stonepoint Artwork
Stonepoint Artwork by Karla Walden Caraway ©


Watercolor & Pencil Artwork
Watercolor & Pencil Artwork by Karla Walden Caraway ©

Artist Janis Gill Ward also drew by attention with her loose (somewhat abstract) watercolour pieces (below).

Walking the Beach
Walking the Beach, watercolor by Janis Gill Ward ©
When the Rooster Came into the Yard
When the Rooster Came into the Yard, watercolor by Artist Janis Gill Ward ©

The art exhibition was an unexpected yet quite delightful experience.  We were glad that we took the time to “drop in”.

*Walker-Stone House, Est. 1845, Fayetteville, Arkansas

The nearly 6,000 sq. ft. house was built in 1845 by Judge David Walker, an attorney who became one of the first justices on the Arkansas Supreme Court.  Walker built the home as a wedding present to his wife and they were married there.  In 1850, the house was sold to local merchant Stephen K. Stone who occupied it during the American Civil War (it was hit by Confederate cannon fire during the war) and for most of its history.  Stone’s grandson Edward D. Stone, a world-renowned architect, reacquired the house and began restoring it in the early 1970’s.  The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Walker-Stone House